Our story begins in 2017, with a short 3 day trip to Guatemala. In the brief time we were there, we knew right away we needed to create something in order to help the people of Guatemala. In turn we created Tipico Tico! “Tipico” meaning hand-crafted goods of Guatemala and “Tico” honoring the nickname and life of my grandfather.

Our core foundations at Tipico Tico is to shop locally and ethically, donating to the surrounding community, and bringing back the stories to share with you. Shopping within the near towns that really needed our help, gives us the ability to interact with the locals and created a connection. It also gave us the opportunity to hand-select every item and talk to the artisan behind each piece. By shopping ethically, we know that we aren’t supporting the large corporations who put their workers through grueling conditions. Supporting these small-town artisans, we know we aren’t only making a difference in our artisans’ lives, but to those who contribute to the town in other ways. Talking with the with the everyday people helps us build a stronger connection to the town we are contributing to. By donating clothes and school supplies, provided by ourselves and wonderful neighbors, is just another way we help give back.

At Tipico Tico, it isn’t just a one way street of supporting our artisans, with your purchase we are able to give back to the entire community and make a difference.